Bibs for Club Caddie Programs

SanJuanHillsBibPrivate golf clubs that run caddie programs love the bibs produced by ID18.

Because there is no better way to outfit caddies at a club regardless of the looper’s age: from the young men and women just learning the ropes, right up to the grizzled veterans who know every blade of grass and every slope and break.

NDCBibBy using ID18 caddie bibs as the uniform for its program, a club can keep the bibs on-site and maintain the bibs with regular washings. That means a consistent look of professionalism!

IndianWellsBibNo more worrying about caddies who forget to bring their uniform, or who dress in a way that might be distracting; the bib covers the shirt the caddie is wearing.

The caddie bibs can have the club’s logo printed on the front and the back (or on just one side). These logos can be printed in one color, or in multiple colors up to 6.

ArrowheadBibMany clubs choose to purchase caddie bibs with pockets for their caddie programs, so that the caddies have a place to hold onto a player’s score card, extra golf balls, tees, pencils, and other ‘tools of the game’.

ID18 has designed and printed bibs for hundreds of local golf courses and country clubs. Ask us how we can help you make your caddie program look top-level professional, too!